Saturday, February 23, 2013

Five For Friday….On a Saturday

Okay, so I wish I had a really great excuse for not having this done on Friday…..but, I don’t.  Unless you consider, “I was having a much needed girl’s night watching The Bachelor and Grey’s Anatomy at my girlfriend’s house,” a good excuse.  Which, you probably don’t.  I promise though, it was MUCH needed!  This week was CRAZY with meetings, sick children (and a husband) and one broken arm on the playground.  See….I really did need it.
So, here goes my five for Friday on Saturday night.
Third Grade hosted our first (and now annual) “Famous American Wax Museum.”  It was a huge hit.  The kiddos loved it and had so much fun, the parents were so impressed and we will for sure be doing it again next year.  In fact, we already are working on ideas to make it even better!  Here are some of my cuties…..
Meet Claire Shillace, the first woman to play Major League Baseball, Lou Gehrig, and Sacagewea.
President Abe Lincoln, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and Daniel Boone.
We had a special visit from some cute little two week old baby bunnies. 
Baby Bunnies
I found these at Barnes and Noble and introduced them during Work on Writing.  My kiddos are loving them.
Story Cubes
This week our church hosted the annual Daddy Daughter Dance.  My amazing husband has been taking the girls to this event for the past 11 years.  It such a great time for them to each spend one-on-one time with their dad and for him to set a great example of how they should be treated on a date someday. 
Daddy Daughter Dance 2013
I finally finished reading Practice Perfect.  I have already been applying some of the principles in my classroom and have noticed some differences.  It was a great read and I recommend it to classroom teachers, principals, instructional coaches, and sports coaches.
My goal for the upcoming week… get my five for Friday done on Friday! 
Happy Weekend everyone!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

My husband has turned into a reader!  For years, he couldn’t understand how I could lose myself in a book for hours.  How I would love to sit and discuss books with other people who also read it.  Well, the man has officially read more books than me in the past year.  After finishing this one…..
Practice Perfect
he recommended that I read it.  He said that it was a great book for teachers to read.  It talks about the importance of practicing correctly and effectively. I am taking it slowly because there are so many important points to think about. 
Rule #2 in the book is “Practice the 20.”  The author says that you should, “identify the 20 percent of the things you could practice that will deliver 80 percent of the value.” 
Then in Rule #4 “Unlock Creativity with Repetition,” he says that we should, “automate skills to free participants’ cognition to be more creative.”
I got to thinking about how this relates to my struggling readers and really all of my students.
I began asking other teachers if they could identify the 5 skills they thought were most important for a reader at our grade level. 
I decided that my strugglers needed more practice with those 20%skills so that they would become so automatic their minds would be freed up to comprehend the text.
That lead me to my newest packs.  I decided that they needed more fluency phrases for practice.  If they can become automatic and fluent with these “Instant Words,”  that will be one step in automating their skills to free up their minds for comprehension.
Fluency Phrases Set 1
Fluency Phrases Set 2
These 2 packs take care of the first and second 100 words on Fry’s Instant Word List.  Sets 3-6 will follow and are in the works!  You can click on the pics above to check them out in my TpT store.  I am also giving away one set to the first person who comments and tells me what they think are the 20% skills.  Which skills can we be practicing that will deliver 80% of the value?  Don’t forget to leave in your comment which set you would like and your email so I can send it! 
Also, be on the lookout for my new Blessed Teacher Facebook page!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Five For Friday

Here are five random things from this week….
sequencing anchor chart
1.  Our skill for the week was sequencing. I love chart paper and I REALLY love my Mr. Sketch markers!
sequence stories
2.  For Writer’s Workshop we wrote stories using sequencing and then turned them into small books.  I love foldables (almost as much as Mr. Sketch) and we made these cute little books with one piece of large construction paper!  My kiddos are so excited to read them with the younger reading buddies.
fast fact ice cream
3.  Our ice cream sundaes are coming along!  I have lots of kiddos moving on to their 6s.  They are so motivated right now and have been practicing so hard!
shared writing journals
4.  Work on Writing needed some spicing up this week.  I love Daily 5 and so do my kids, but if I am being honest, they were starting to get a little squirrely during Daily 5 time.  I introduced these shared writing journals this week and they were so excited.  Daily 5 time turned around this week!
testing sign
5.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun learning this week.  We did have benchmark testing in both reading and math.  Ugh.  I know there is no way to get around the testing issue, I just feel like we are tested like crazy, and my poor kiddos are feeling it. (This cute sign is from Amanda Nickerson at One Extra Degree)
Thankfully, next week we have early release days on Thursday and Friday and then Monday off! WooHoo!

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Few Days Late……Currently February

I am going to have to start setting a reminder on my phone.  I somehow always forget that a new month has started and it is “Currently Time,” already.  I love doing my Currently and reading everyones, I am just so bad about the month switchover!  So, here mine is and by the time I link up it will be like the 300th one on there….no joke, it was at 295 when I started this blog post!

Currently February

Well, in other news, this teacher sure is glad that Monday is over.  It was a rough one.  I think everyone had a late night with the big game.  It is time to go veg out and watch my guilty pleasure….yes, I am a Bachelor fan.  I get together with a friend and fellow teacher every Monday night to watch together.  it sure makes easing back into the week a little more fun!

Good Night Everyone!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

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